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Charles W. Chesnutt Library

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Charles Waddell Chesnutt Library is to support the University in its educational, research and cultural endeavors through careful selection, acquisition, organization, and interpretation of information resources.  The library is committed to promoting  the use of information resources by collaborating with faculty in developing information literate students who become life-long learners.  In addition, the Chesnutt Library assumes its special role as a major cultural resource for the Fayetteville State University and the Southeastern region of North Carolina.


  1. To select, acquire, and organize materials to meet the instructional and research needs of faculty and to meet the informational, research and recreational needs of students.
  2. To house materials in a manner that assures ease of access.
  3. To employ appropriate tools of technology for storage and retrieval of information.
  4. To provide comprehensive orientation and instruction enabling all users to locate, retrieve, evaluate, and manage information.
  5. To assist users in the understanding of the organization of library resources, identifying and locating information, and utilization of library services.
  6. To evaluate the collection, programs, and facilities in order to ensure the needs of users
  7. To promote staff development and provide an environment where staff can define and achieve their career goals in the context of the general objectives and staffing requirements of the library.
  8. To share resources, services, and ideas by cooperating with all areas of the university and other libraries as well as with professional, public, and private organizations in the community, state, and nation.
  9. To build and maintain a balanced collection supporting the objectives of the university, but which also embraces the university's African American heritage.
  10. To promote and maintain constructive working relationships with other units of the university to help assure the development of library capabilities that are consistent with the objectives of the university.

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina