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Alphabetical Listing of Campus Buildings

Building Building
Named For
Honoree's Position Year Built Year Renovated Building Code
Alumni Gates 1925
Alumni House (formerly President's Residence) James M. Paige Alumni 1924
Aycock Hall (*torn down; first brick building on present campus) Charles B. Aycock Governor 1908
Barber Administration Building Carlton J. Barber Trustee for 25 years; Chairman of the Board for 5 years and Trustee Emeritus 1981
Bickett Hall T. W. Bickett Governor 1922
Bronco Hall 2005
Bryant Hall Dunie A. Bryant Dorm Directress 1966
Butler Building George Lee Butler Trustee, Chairman of the Board and FSU Alumnus 1977 BUTLER
Central Warehouse 1982
Chancellor's Residence
(formerly President's Residence through Dr. Charles "A" Lyons tenure)
Chesnutt Library Charles W. Chesnutt Principal of the Howard School
1937, 1968, 1987 2005
Chick Building (Formerly Chesnutt Library) Helen T. Chick Professor of Art 1968 HTC
Collins Administration Building(formerly
E. E. Smith Administration Building)
William R. Collins Trusteefor 19 years and named First Trustee Emeritus 1970
Continuing Education Building 1976 CE
Cook Dining Hall (currently the oldest building standing on campus) Henry Lilly Cook Chairman of the Board of Trustees 1923 1952, 1958, 1962 COOK
Facilities Maintenance Planning and Construction Building (Formerly Physical Plant) 1969
Fire Station
Hackley (L.V.) Honors Dorm Lloyd "Vic" Hackley College President 1988-1994
Interim Chancellor 2007-
Harris Hall Robert Harris College President 1938 1954
Health, Physical Education & Recreation Complex, Capel Arena Felton J. Capel Board of Trustees 1995 HPEC
Hood Hall James W(alker) Hood 1939 1954
Howard School (*torn down) General O. O. Howard President, Freedman's Bureau 1867 1902 relocated
Joyner Hall Dr. J. Y. Joyner State Superintendent of Public Instruction 1930 1954
J. Knuckles Science Annex Dr. Joseph Knuckles Professor and Chair in Biology Department 1968 JKSA
Lauretta Taylor Gymnasium(Formerly Women's Gym) Lauretta Taylor Coach and Instructor 1969 2006 TBDLG
Lilly Gymnasium H. W. Lilly Secretary-Treasurer of the Board of Trustees 1938 1959
Lyons Science Complex Charles "A" Lyons 1st Chancellor 1981 LYONS
Lyons Science Bldg (New) Charles "A" Lyons 1st Chancellor Under Construction LSA
Marion "Rex" & Aronul E. Harris Marion School of Business & Economics (Formerly SBE Bldg) Marion "Rex" & Aronul E. Harris 1990 SBE
Mitchell Industrial Arts Building (*torn down) John W. Mitchell Agricultural Specialist 1923 1955
Mitchell Pre-School Bldg. John W. Mitchell Agricultural Specialist 1955
Newbold Laboratory School (*torn down) N. C. Newbold State Director for Negro Education 1930 1958
New Residence Hall 1977
Rosenthal (Emil) Classroom Building Emil Rosenthal Trustee for 30 years 1966 ROSEN
Rudolph Jones Student Center Rudolph Jones Sixth College President 1972
Seabrook (J. W.) Auditorium James W. Seabrook Fifth College President 1953 2006
Security Building (Houses Campus Police) 1951
E. E. Smith Administration Building (*torn down) Ezekiel Ezra Smith College Principal 1922 1953
E. E. Smith Administration Complex (formerly
E. E. Smith Administration Building)
Ezekiel Ezra Smith College Principal 1981
Smith Hall Nanny Goode Smith (Wife of E. E. Smith) Registrar 1953
Spaulding Infirmary C. C. Spaulding 1955
Taylor Science Building Robert R. Taylor First Black Member of the FSU Board of Trustees, and first black to graduate from MIT 1939 TAYLOR
Taylor Social Science Annex Robert R. Taylor First Black Member of the FSU Board of Trustees, and first black to graduate from MIT 1968
Telecommunications Building (formerly Old Library) 1937 1941, 1952 TELCOM
University Place Apartments
Vance Hall (originally built in 1910, demolished in 1957), rebuilt in 1966) Zebulon B. Vance Governor 1966
Williams Hall George W. Williams College Principal 1955

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