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Information Literacy & Library Instruction - Services for Faculty

Our goal is to equip students with the ability to find, select, and evaluate appropriate information resourcse to ensure their academic success at Fayetteville State University and beyond. Information Literacy allows students to evaluate information critically and utilize it ethically. We foster this strategic goal by offering Bibliographic Instruction at Charles Chesnutt Library. Classes are held at Charles W. Chesnutt Library in the 3rd Floor Conference Room.

Instruction for Students/Classes:

Faculty members may request library instruction sessions for their classes, which are provided by members of the Reference Department and Library Staff who hold a Masters of Library Science Degree. We customize each library instruction session to meet the needs of your individual class and research assignments.  See Class Handouts for selected library instruction class PowerPoint handouts.

Some possible library instruction topics include:
  • Using appropriate keywords and concepts.
  • Finding relevant reference sources for background information.
  • Searching the online catalog for books and/or other materials.
  • Using keywords and Boolean searches when searching databases.
  • Distinguishing between scholarly and non-scholarly periodicals (journals vs. magazines).
  • Identifying and using primary sources.
  • Locating scholarly articles.
  • Critically evaluating information sources.
  • Locating, selecting, and evaluating websites.

Contact Jan Whitfield at 910-672-1750, or to schedule an instruction session or tour. You may also contact the Subject Librarian responsible for your department.

Or, you may fill out the following form to schedule a Library Instruction workshop for your class, department or faculty at the following link:

Bibliographic Instruction Request Form
Instruction for Faculty/Departments:

Charles W. Chesnutt Library offers hands-on, Faculty focus workshops for all Fayetteville State University faculty who are interested in learning about information and electronic resources and databases that support their courses and research. Librarians also work with faculty in the development of research assignments for students allowing them to make maximum use of the Library's resources. We tailor Faculty Workshops to best meet your needs, whether it is a group or individual session. Please contact Andrea Putnam at 910-672-1242 for an appointment, or for more information on the Library Instruction Program. 

Library Instruction FAQs:
  • How can I help ensure a successful library class?
  • Make certain that your students understand their research assignment before coming to the session.
  • Work with the librarian to prepare the session.
  • Actively participate in the session (i.e. interject information, ask questions, encourage students to ask questions).
  • How far in advance should I request a library instruction class?

While we work hard to accommodate your request as soon as possible, it is a general rule of thumb to provide at least one week's notice to allow us time to schedule, prepare and best meet the academic needs of the instructor and students.

Where are the classes held?

Hands-on classes for groups of 20 and under are held at Charles Chesnutt Library in the Conference room on the 3rd floor.  We have laptops available in class during instruction to allow students to conduct sample searches and research during the library instruction class. However, students are welcome to bring their own laptop as the library has FREE Wi-Fi capabilities.

Jan Whitfield
Head of Public Services and Reference
Room 205

Instruction Areas
  • Departments in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Departments in the School of Education
  • School of Business
  • Reference and Library Science
  • Freshmen Seminar
  • General Information
  • Distance Education
  • (Customized to Meet Instruction Needs)



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