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Charles W. Chesnutt Library - Circulation Department

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About Circulation

Circulation Department Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Circulation Department is to promptly and accurately issue and receive circulating materials. To maintain accurate records of patrons, create and maintain reserve collection records. To maintain a course reserve service which efficiently allows a maximum number of students to access course related materials. To provide search services which locates missing or mis-shelved library titles. To assist patrons in using the library by providing directional information and referrals as needed. To maintain accurate statistics of library use.

Main Stacks Collection

The Main Stacks are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Chesnutt Library. Call numbers
A-K are located on the 2nd floor and L-Z are located on the 3rd floor. The Circulation Department maintains and improves accessibility to the general collection through the prompt and accurate shelving and re-shelving of materials, shifting the collection in response to increases and decreases in various subject areas, and the shelf reading and maintenance of stacks areas.


The Circulation Department is committed to serving library patrons by performing or assisting with various functions related to the accessibility and circulation of library materials. These functions include:

  • Assisting patrons with general questions about the library building and departments, library use and policies, and services and resources available in the library
  • Loaning and receiving of library materials, including materials borrowed from UNC-P and UNC-W via intra-consortium holds
  • Re-shelving of library materials, and maintaining order in library shelving areas (the library "stacks")
  • Billing and receiving library fines and charges

Service is provided at the Circulation Desk, located to the left upon entrance into the library, opposite the Reference Desk.

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