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Circulation Services


Laptop computers may be checked out from the Circulation Desk of Chesnutt Library for use within the LIBRARY ONLY.  Only current FSU students, faculty, and staff are eligible to check out and use laptop computers. Laptops must be used directly by eligible patrons.  An eligible patron is only allowed to checkout one laptop at a time. A valid FSU ID card and a second form of photo identification must be presented upon checkout.  Both forms of identification will be held at the Circulation Desk until the laptop is returned and checked by library staff.  A laptop checkout agreement must be signed each time a laptop is used. If you have any blocks or fines on your library record, you will NOT be able to borrow a laptop until the restrictions are cleared.  Laptops are administered and maintained by the Chesnutt Library Information Technology Department.


Selected textbooks are available if your professor has placed them on reserve for your class.  The Library does not keep a collection of class textbooks on reserve.  Persons using the collection need to know the professor's last name and the course prefix and number.  Persons must also have their FSU ID Card to check the textbooks out.  Textbooks on reserves are for use within the Library and are checked out for two hours use.  Please note that reserve materials, including textbooks can not be taken out of the Library.  Some textbooks may have been purchased as regular books. so always check the Online Catalog for the latest titles available.

Printers and Photocopiers

Printers and photocopy machines are available on the first floor of Chesnutt Library in the lobby (photocopiers) and computer lab area (printers); on the second floor in the Curriculum Laboratory and near the medium group study rooms; and on the fourth floor in front of the elevator.  Photocopiers in the Library's lobby area are operated by using your Bronco ID Card that has money deposited on it.  The cost is nine cents ($.09) per copy. 

A Value Transfer Station (VTS) is located in the Library's Student Lounge, which is to the left as you enter the Library on the first floor.  You can add money onto your Bronco ID Card. The cost of buying a card is one dollar.  To add money onto your card, select the option to "make a deposit," and "get a receipt."  Swipe your card.  Place money into the bill acceptor.  When you are done, select finished.  A copy of your receipt should print showing the amount of money you have just added to the card and the new total.  If the VTS machine in the Library is out of order, there is another one available in the Jones Student Center. The card can be reused and additional monies can be added.  The machine does not take coins, so it is important to bring bills with you.  There is no change given, and there is no change machine available in the Library.  Change can be obtained at the Cashier's Office. The One Card Office is located in the Student Center, Room 231, and is responsible for the Bronco ID Card system.

Printing should be sent to the print location \\hpps02a\FSUPRINT1 or \\hpps02a\Mono and can be picked up at any printer on campus.  Touch printing on the touch screen and enter the last six digits of your Banner number.  When your jobs appear in a list, you may print them all or print as you go. Students are allowed 375 pages of printing/copying per semester, with the ability to contact the ITTS Help Desk at 910-672-2085 in order to find out the process to deposit more money into the account.  Printing defaults to printing pages front to back, unless changed when the gray printing box appears.  Go to "Properties."  Select the "Finishing" tab and un-check "Print on Both Sides." Copies cost $0.10 for black and white and $0.13 for color printing.  The printers also allow copying, emailing and faxing.

Online Catalog

The automated Online Catalog is an integrated system, permitting display of holdings information, availability, and information about materials ordered and being processed. Titles listed in the online catalog display a location, call number, and status of availability. The public access catalog provides over thirty access points to materials in the collection.  Innovative Interfaces is the vendor.

Student Lounge

Here is a student lounge on the first floor to the immediate left after entering the first set of doors to the building, before the entrance and exit gates.  It is on the same side as the Circulation Desk. Vending machines have been placed there for the convenience of users of the library. Please keep in mind that, although users may eat in the student lounge, food and drink may not be brought into the library.  An on campus phone is located on the outside wall of the library. An emergency phone is also available outside of the Library. 


Public restrooms for both men and women are located on the first, second, third and fourth floors.


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