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Course Reserve Information for Faculty

Who may place materials on Reserve?

Faculty members and instructors teaching courses at Fayetteville State.

How do I submit my request?

Complete a request form available at the Chesnutt Library Circulation Desk. Indicate which materials you wish placed in print reserves, and which published materials are for Electronic Reserve. If needed, faculty members may arrange to have the request form faxed or mailed by calling 672-1231.

If electronic files are being submitted, any descriptive or identifying information that should appear with the file should be provided.

What information is needed to process my reserve request?

The Reserve staff needs complete citations for all items and information identifying the faculty member and course. This information may be provided on the form or on a class syllabus.

What formats are appropriate for Electronic Reserve submission?

Print materials, such as journal articles, course notes, exams, problem sets, etc. These items will be scanned and made available via the Web in the library catalog.

Electronic files and images in commonly recognized file formats (such as Word ".doc," Text ".txt," HTML ".htm," or JPEG ".jpg") may also be submitted. These materials may be e-mailed as attachments to , or may be submitted on diskette. Questions about submitting materials in electronic format may be e-mailed to.

How do I prepare my print materials for Electronic Reserve submission?

  • Provide complete citations for each item to be scanned.
  • Provide the cleanest possible copy for scanning.
  • Originals must be 8 1/2 X 11 inches or smaller.
  • How do copyright and fair use apply to Electronic Reserve?

Electronic reserve is an extension of traditional library services and will be provided in a manner that respects fair use rights, the rights of copyright holders, and current copyright law. The Libraries will not place materials on the electronic reserve system without permission if the nature, scope, or extent of copying is judged to exceed the reasonable limits of fair use.

Note: Library staff will assist with acquiring copyright permission when necessary.

Library staff will be glad to assist you with any other questions about Print or Electronic Reserves. You may contact us at 672-1231.


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