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Staff Procedures for Laptop Checkout

  1. Copies of the contract are kept on top of the cart and are to be filled out every time a laptop is checked out or rechecked out.  Only the laptop will be checked out for students.  The laptop's charger will stay in the cart. Faculty and staff will have the laptop, charger, and case.  Things to note:
    1. Using the batteries and the charger at the same time degrades the batteries.
    2. This policy encourages students to return laptops on time, due to three hour battery charge, or at least not very late.
    3. For student users, there is one less thing to lose and to make sure is checked in.
  2. Power management-  When returned, a laptop is checked for problems and recharged.  A yellow light comes on when a laptop is charging and goes out when finished.  Tech staff should check the machines about every other time that they pass, as “overcharging” batteries also degrades them.  Which brings us to….
  3. Lock and keys- During the hours of operation the cart is to be kept in the Cataloging Department and locked when not being accessed to remove or return a laptop.  The cart is to be locked at all other times.  A spare key is available in Library Administration. 
  4. Re-imaging- One operational laptop will be re-imaged every day.  This means that no laptop will go untreated for more than a few weeks.  To facilitate this, the last 3 digits of the FSU badge will be painted on the front of the cover and a paper log of re-imaging and reported or observed problems will be kept on the cart.

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