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The Main Stacks are located on the Second and Third floors of the Library.  If you do not find what you need by browsing the Library of Congress call numbers for Accounting and Auditing  please refer to the Library's Online Catalog for more information sources.


     Accounting.  Bookkeeping
HF5691-5716     Business Mathematics.  Commercial arithmetic including tables, etc.
     Accounting.  Bookkeeping
HJ2240-5908     Revenue. Taxation. Internal revenue
HJ9701-9940     Public accounting. Auditing

Available in the Main Stacks

Accountant's guide to fraud detection and control.
[HF5668.25 .M36 2000]

Accounting ethics.
[HF5625.15 .D87 2003]

Federal accounting handbook:  policies, standards, procedures, practices. 
[HJ9801 .T528 2000]

Key concepts in accounting and finance.
[HF5621 .S88 2004]

Tax reform:  a reference handbook.
[KF6289 .J87 2000]

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Selected Resources

Accountants Handbook
[Ref HF5621 .A22 1999]
     These two volumes contain information on financial accounting, and general and special topics.

Accounting Desk Book: the Accountants Everyday Instant Answer Book 
[Ref HF5635.P53 1995]
     A reference manual useful in meeting the specific and varied needs
     of accountants in a timely fashion.

Accounting Dictionary. English-Spanish, Spanish-English, Spanish-Spanish = Diccionario de contabilidad. Inglés-español, español-inglés, español-español
[Ref HF 5621 .S26 2003]
Accounting dictionary in English and Spanish

Accounting Handbook 
[Ref HF5635.S586 1995]
     Detailed outline of accounting principles and practices.

Best Websites for Financial Professionals, Business Appraisers, and Aaccountants
[Ref HF54.56.L36 2003]
     Directory of Internet Web sites.

Codification of Statements on Auditing Standards: (including statements on standards for attestation  engagements): numbers 1 to 90
[Ref HF5667 .A55 2000]

A Dictionary of Accounting 
[Ref HF5621.D53 1995]
     Defines commonly used terms in financial accounting.

Handbook of Accounting and Auditing 
[Ref HF5635.H36 1999]
     Provides a well-rounded perspective on technical issues in business.

The History of Accounting: an International Encyclopedia 
[Ref HF5605.H573 1996]
     Traces history of accounting ideas and practices.

Manager's Guide to Financial Statement Analysis
[Ref HF5681 .B2 J23 2001]

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