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Listed below is a partial bibliography of the books available in the library dealing with Early Childhood Education.

Beginnings & Beyond : Foundations In Early Childhood Education.  FSU Main Stacks LB1139.23.G663 2004.

Behavior Problems In Preschool Children: Clinical and Developmental Issues.  FSU Main Stacks RJ506.B44 C36 2002.

Brain Literacy for Educators and Psychologists.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1117.B47 2002.

Children in the Digital Age:  Influences of Electronic Media On Development.  FSU Main Stacks  HQ784.M3 C455 2002.

Children Learning To Read: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.  FSU Main Stacks LB1050.I885 1996.

A Child's Work:  Freedom and Play In Froebel's Educational Theory and Practice.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1162.L53 2001.

Context, Cognition, and Deafness.  FSU Main Stacks  HV2391.C66 2001.

The Cradle of Culture and What Children Know About Writing and Numbers Before Being Taught.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1139.W7 T65 2003.

The Cradle of Knowledge: Development of Perception In Infancy.  FSU Main Stacks  BF720.P47 K45 1998

The Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1140.4.D63 1995.

Cultural Guidance In the Development of the Human Mind.  FSU Main Stacks  BF713.C85 2003.

A Curriculum for the Pre-School Child: Learning To Learn.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1140.4.C89 1998.

Developing the Whole Child:  The Importance of the Emotional, Social, Moral, and Spiritual in Early Years Education and Care.  FSU Main Stacks  LC990.D35 2004.

Early Childhood Counts:  A Programming Guide On Early Childhood Care for Development.  FSU Main Stacks  HQ676.9.E96 2000.

Early Childhood Curriculum: Developmental Bases for Learning and Teaching.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1139.4.W67 2002.

Early Childhood Curriculum: Incorporating Multiple Intelligences, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, and Play.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1139.4.H57 2004.

Early Childhood Development: A Multicultural Perspective.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1115.T73 2003.

Early Childhood Development and Its Variations.  FSU Main Stacks  HQ772.S534 2001.

Early Child Development in the 21st Century: Profiles of Current Research Initiatives.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1115.E27 2003.

Early Intervention Services for Infants, Toddlers, and Their Families.  FSU Main Stacks  HV888.B583 2001.

Emotional Development:  A Biosocial Perspective.  FSU Main Stacks  BF723.E6 L34 2000.

A Field Guide to Boys and Girls: Differences, Similarities:  Cutting-Edge Information Every Parent Needs To Know.  FSU Main Stacks  HQ772.G465 2001.

The First R:  How Children Learn Race and Racism.  FSU Main Stacks  HQ784.S56 V36 2001.

40 Sensational Sight Word Games.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1573.37.N68 2002.

A Good Start In Life: Understanding Your Child's Brain and Behavior.  FSU Main Stacks  HQ767.9.G68 2001.

Governing the Child In the New Millennium.  FSU Main Stacks  HQ767.9.G68 2001.

Human Development Theories:  Windows On Culture.  FSU Main Stacks  HQ783.T57 1999.

Human Growth:  Assessment and Interpretation.  FSU Main Stacks  RJ131.R5915 2003.

Introduction To Early Childhood Education:  A Multidimensional Approach to Child-Centered Care and Learning.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1139.23.W37 2003.

The Irreducible Needs of Children: What Every Child Must Have To Grow, Learn, and Flourish.  FSU Main Stacks  BF721.B71345 2000.

Key Times for Play:  The First Three Years.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1117.M16 2003.

Language Acquisition After Puberty.  FSU Main Stacks  P118.S78 1994.

Learning and Child Development:  A Cultural-Historical Study.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1115.H42 2002.

Leave No Child Behind:  Preparing Today's Youth for Tomorrow's World.  FSU Main Stacks  LB2822.82.C65 2004.

A Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children.  FSU Main Stacks  MT1.G6462 1997.

Observing Development of the Young Child.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1115.B32 2002.

Rallying the Whole Village:  The Comer Process for Reforming Education.  FSU Main Stacks  LB2822.82.R38 1996.

Read From the Start:  Early Literacy Activities and Resources for Librarians and Other Educators.  FSU Main Stacks  Z718.2.U6 R43 1995.

Revisiting A Progressive Pedagogy:  The Development-Interaction Approach.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1117.R44 2000.

Scaffolding Reading Experiences.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1050.43.G7 1994.

Skills for Preschool Teachers.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1115.B325 2000.

Strategies for Reading Assessment and Instruction: Helping Every Child Succeed.   FSU Main Stacks  LB1050.R477 2003.

Supporting Musical Development in the Early Years.  FSU Main Stacks  MT1.P66 2003.

Supporting Physical Development and Physical Education in the Early Years.  FSU Main Stacks  GV443.D57 2003.

Teaching Young Children: Contexts for Learning.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1139.23.K76 2001.

Through the Looking Glass:  Observations in the Early Childhood Classroom.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1027.28.N53 2002.

Touchpoints Three To Six:  Your Child's Emotional and Behavioral Development.  FSU Main Stacks  HQ767.9.B737 2001.

Twenty Studies That Revolutionized Child Psychology.  FSU Main Stacks  BF721.B59 2003.

Understanding Children's Development.  FSU Main Stacks  BF721.S57325 2003.

Very Young Children With Special Needs: A Formative Approach for Today's Children.  FSU Main Stacks  LC4019.3.V47 2005.

Voyages In Childhood.   FSU Main Stacks  HQ767.9.R35 2004.

What Kids Buy and Why:  The Psychology of Marketing To Kids.  FSU Main Stacks  HF5415.32.A25 1997.

Your Child Learns to Read & Write.  FSU Main Stacks  LB1181.33.F543 1998.

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