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Access the full-text of over 13,000 reference, scholarly and professional books through NetLibrary.  NetLibrary is restricted to FSU students, faculty and staff. 
Below are some examples of Economics titles found in NetLibrary:

Foundations of Business Economics : Markets and Prices (E-Book)
Townsend, Harry.
Publication: London ; New York Routledge, 2002.

The Nobel Laureates : How the World's Greatest Economic Minds Shaped Modern Thought (E-Book)
McCarty, Marilu Hurt.
Publication: New York McGraw-Hill Professional, 2001.

Macroeconomic Essentials : Understanding Economics in the News (E-Book)
by Kennedy, Peter.
Publication: Cambridge, Mass. MIT Press, 2000.

Great Jobs for Economics Majors (E-Book)
by Camenson, Blythe.
Publication: Lincolnwood, Ill. NTC Contemporary, 2000.

Managerial Economics : Firms, Markets, and Business Decisions (E-Book)
by Dobbs, Ian.
Publication: Oxford Oxford University Press (UK), 2000.

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FSU students, faculty, and staff can access electronic and print journals several different ways:

Journal Finder's Advanced Search feature arranges the electronic journals by subject for you.  By selecting Economics you can browse and select from over 700 electronic economics journals.

EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service:
Millions of articles from various publishers available.

Library's Online Catalog:
Search for journal titles through the library's online catalog.

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