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To seek knowledge is to achieve honor, but to share knowledge is to transform lives.   Bernadette Ross

This bibliography is a selected list of books, periodicals, indexes and electronic resources available in the Charles Chesnutt Library.

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          This is a list of select journals available at the Charles Chesnutt Library that address Educational Administration and Leadership issues.  These journal titles are available either in paper, microform and/or online through an electronic database.      


•                            Administrator’s Notebook (1966 - 1995) 

•                     American Educator 

•                     American School and University 

•                     American School Board Journal 

•                     American Secondary Education 

•                     Coach and Athletic Director 

•                     Curriculum and Teaching 

•                     Educational Administration Abstracts 

•                     Educational Administration and Supervision (1940 - 43/1945 - 59)

•                     Educational Administration Quarterly 

•                     Educational and Psychological Measurement (1990 -) 

•                     Educational Communication and Technology (1978 - 88) 

•                     Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 

•                     Educational Facility Planner 

•                     Educational Forum 

•                     Educational Foundations 

•                     Educational Horizons (1968 - 82) 

•                     Educational Leadership 

•                     Educational Management Abstracts 

•                     Educational Management and Administration 

•                     Educational Measurement Issues and Practice 

•                     Educational Method (1927 -33/1936/1941- 43) 

•                     Educational Oasis 

•                     Educational Outlook (1953 - 57) 

•                     Educational Pathways 

•                     Educational Philosophy and Theory (1977 - 97) 

•                     Educational Policy (1999 -) 

•                     Educational Psychologist 

•                     Educational Psychology 

•                     Educational Psychology In Practice 

•                     Educational Psychology Review 

•                     Educational Record (1961 - 97) 

•                     Educational Research Quarterly (1976 - 97)  

•                     Educational Researcher

•                     Educational Review 

•                     Educational Studies (1990 - ) 

•                     Educational Studies (AMES) 

•                     Educational Technology 

•                     Educational Technology Research and Development 

•                     Educational Technology Review 

•                     Educational Theory (1992 - ) 

•                     Educational Trends (1973 - 76) 

•                     Educators Court Decision Hotline (Vertical File) 

•                     EduCause Quarterly 

•                     EduCom Review 

•                     Harvard Educational Review 

•                     Independent School 

•                     Interchange 

•                     Journal of Educational Research (1985 - ) 

•                     Journal of Moral Education 

•                     Journal of Research In Childhood Education 

•                     Journal of School Leadership 

•                     Journal of Staff Development

•                     Leadership 

•                     Leadership Organizational Development 

•                     Leadership Quarterly 

•                     Phi Delta Kappan 

•                     Planning and Change 

•                     Principal 

•                     Principal Leadership: High School Edition 

•                     NASSP Bulletin 

•                     School Administrator 

•                     School Business Affairs 

•                     School Effectiveness and School Improvement 

•                     School Executive 

•                     School Law Bulletin 

•                     School Leadership and Management 

•                     School Organization 

•                     School Organization and Management 

•                     School Planning and Management 

•                     Schools in the Middle 



AISR promotes and advocates the serious redesign of American schooling.

Funded by the US Department of Education, CRESST conducts research on important topics related to K - 12 educational testing.

Established in 1985, CPRE unites researchers from five of the nation’s leading research institutions - The University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Stanford University, The University of Michigan and The University of Wisconsin - Madison in an effort to improve elementary and secondary education through practical research.

The Council of Chief State School Officers’ site offers resources on a wide range of educational issues.     

This web site provides links to information on trends and issues within educational management.  The site also provides links to ERIC Digest and to Research Round-Up.  

The Education Leaders Council provides articles and press releases supporting the development of state and local standards in schools.  

The National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as “The Nation’s Report Card,” has assessed the academic performance of fourth, eighth and twelfth graders in a range of subjects.  

This site is working to develop professional standards for teachers.    

The purpose of NCES is to provide clear, complete information about its mission and activities and to serve the research and education community. 

NSBA encourages and prepares local school boards to become catalysts for educational change and agents for systemic school reform in the public schools so that all students will be prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  

The primary purpose of this web site is to carry out a coordinated and comprehensive program of research and development.  

Site provides synthesized research in critical areas for educators who are interested in school improvement.  

Described as a civic institution for the 21st century.  This site focuses on parent involvement in public education.  

Sponsored by the UNC Center for School Development, this web site provides links to several professional development programs for North Carolina educators.  Links include: The Principals’ Executive Program, NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching, NC Teacher Academy, Math and Science Educators Network, NC Principal Fellows Program, NC Model Teacher Education Consortium, and The Kenan National Best Practices Center.    

The American Educational Research Association is concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results.  

Lists information and news from the American Association of School Administrators.  

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development provides excerpts from many of its articles and these can be search by keyword.  

The National Association of Elementary School Principals is dedicated to assuring that every American boy and girl receive the world's best elementary and middle school education.  

The National Association of  Secondary School Principals (NASSP) serves education leaders in middle schools and high schools.  

The PTA has published six National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs and has put the standards, a rationale, research results, quality indicators, sample activities, a model parent/family involvement policy, and a lot more on its web site.  

Phi Delta Kappa  is an international organization for professional educators.  The organization's mission is to promote quality education, with particular emphasis on publicly supported education, as essential to the development and maintenance of a democratic way of life.


This is a brief list of e-journals available on the Internet.  There are additional e-journals available on the Charles Chesnutt Library Web Site, some of which are restricted to Fayetteville State University students, staff and faculty.

       This site is produced by the organization Advancing Women, which according to the web site, “is a skills building organization which provides coaching, mentoring, strategy and support to empower women.”

          Published by the National School Board Association, this web site provides information on school policy, Boards of Education, and School Administration issues.  

          ER Online is a journal of the American Educational Association.   

           EPAA is a publication of the Educational Policy Laboratory College of Education, Arizona State University.  

          Educational Leadership is an e-journal published by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.  

         The IEJLL is sponsored by the Center For Leadership In Learning and the International Office of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.   

JCEL is a publication of the University Council for Educational Administration in cooperation with the University of Utah.          

JREL is published by the Institute for School Leaders, and the College of Education at the University of Iowa.    

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