Selected Journals in the Humanities

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Please note:  Many titles fall under the humanities.  What is is listed below are a small set of selected titles held in Chesnutt Library's collection.  You can check in FSU's Online Catalog for the the titles listed and others that are available:

Keyword Search in FSU's Online Catalog on Humanities and Periodicals

   Arts and Humanities in Higher Education

   Daedalus: Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

   Journal of Interdisciplinary History

   Modern Language Review

   South Atlantic Quarterly

Search in Journal Finder by Title or Keyword to Identify Periodicals.  Listed Below are Selected Categories in Journal Finder

   Anthropology: ethnography, archaeology, comparative linguistics

   Art: architecture, art history, photography, studio art, painting, sculpture

   Classical Studies: Latin, classical Greek, mythology, classical literature, and classical archaeology


   History: historic preservation, museum studies



   Religious Studies

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