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              QH=Biology, Ecology and Natural History     QK=Botany     QL=Zoology     
         QM=Human Anatomy     QP=Physiology     QR=Microbiology

  • Anatomy Comparative
  • Anatomy Human
  • Aquatic Biology
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Behavior Genetics
  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Cryobiology
  • Cytology
  • Developmental Neurobiology
  • Ecology
  • Embryology
  • Evolution Biology
  • Fetus
  • Food Chains Ecology
  • Forest Ecology
  • Fossils
  • Freshwater Biology
  • Genetics
  • Human Ecology
  • Human Evolution
  • Ichnology
  • Life Sciences
  • Macroevolution
  • Marine Biology
  • Natural History
  • Nature and Nurture
  • Ornithology
  • Paleontology
  • Phylogeny
  • Plants Evolution
  • Population Biology
  • Psychology Comparative
  • Zoology

   Reference Resources: Biology, Botany, Zoology, Genetics and Ecology

Biology Encyclopedias Available in Chesnutt Library

  Encyclopedia of Biodiversity  Ref QH 541.15 .B56 E53 2001

  Encyclopedia of Genetics  Ref QH 427 .E54 2001

  Encyclopedia of Human Biology  Ref QP 11 .E53 1991

  Encyclopedia of Life Sciences  Ref QH 302.5 .E53 2002

  Encyclopedia of Microbiology  Ref QR 9 .E53 1992

  Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology  Ref QH 506 .E53 1999

  Field Guide to Germs  Ref QR 46 .B47 1995

  Macmillan Encyclopedia of Science  Ref Q 121 .M27 1997

  Microbes and People: an A-Z of Microorganisms in Our Lives  Ref QR 9 .S26 2000

  Molecular Biology and Biotechnology  Ref QH 506 .M66155 1995

  Nobel Scientists: a Biographical Encyclopedia

  World of Anatomy and Physiology

  World of Biology  Ref QH 302.5 .W67 1999 

Biology Dictionaries Available in Chesnutt Library

  Cambridge Illustrated Dictionary of Natural History  Ref QH 13 .L56 1987

  Concise Dictionary of Biology  Ref QH 302.5 .C66 1985

  Dictionary of Biology Ref QH 302.5 .I534 1999

  Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology  Ref QR 9 .S56 2001

  Dictionary of Modern Biology  Ref QH 302.5 .R83 1997

  Elsevier's Dictionary of Biology  Ref QH 302.5 .E47 1998

  Facts on File Dictionary of Biology  Ref QH 302.5 .F38 1999

  Magill's Survey of Science. Life Science Series  Ref QH 307.2 .M34 1991

  New Penguin Dictionary of Biology  Ref QH 13 .N62 1990

Botany Encyclopedias Available in Chesnutt Library

  Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs: an Illustrated Encyclopedia  Ref SB 435.5 .D556 1997Encyclopedia of

  Edible Plants of North America  Ref QK 98.5 .N57 C68 1998

  Encyclopedia of Edible Plants of North America  Ref QK 98.5 .N57 C68 1998

  Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants  Ref RS 164 .C4437 1996

  Encyclopedia of Rainforests  Ref QH 86 .J85 2002

  Encyclopedia of Technology and Applied Sciences  Ref T 48 .E52 2000

Botany Dictionaries Available in Chesnutt Library

  Concise Oxford Dictionary of Botany  Ref QK 9 .C67 1992

  CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names: Common     Names, Scientific Names, Eponyms, Synonyms, and Etymology  Ref QK 13 .38 2000

  Dictionary of Generic Names of Seed Plants  Ref QK 11 .W52 1995 

  Dictionary of Plant Pathology  Ref SB 728 .H65 1989

  Dictionary of Plant Science  Ref QK 9 .D52 1998

  Gray's Manual of Botany  Ref QK 117 .G75 1950

  Plant-Book: a Portable Dictionary of the Vascular Plants Utilizing Kubitzki's The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants (1990-), Cronquist's An Integrated System of Classification of Flowering Plants (1981), and Current Botanical Literature, Arranged Largely on the Principles of Editions 1-6 (1896/97-1931) of Willis's A Dictionary of the Flowering Plants and Ferns  Ref QK 11.M29 1997

   Stearn's Dictionary of Plant Names for Gardeners: a Handbook on the Origin and Meaning of the Botanical Names of Some Cultivated Plants  Ref QK 11 .S6 1992

Zoology Encyclopedias Available in Chesnutt Library

  Aquarium Encyclopedia  Ref SF 456.5 .L4913 1983

  Audubon Society Encyclopedia of North American Birds  Ref QL 681 .T43 1980

  Cambridge Encyclopedia of Ornithology  Ref QL 672.2 .C35 1991

  Cowles Encyclopedia of Animals and Plants  Ref QH 13 .C68 1968

  Encyclopedia of Animal Ecology  Ref QH 541 .E46 1987

  Encyclopedia of Animal Evolution  Ref QH 366.2 .E54 1987

  Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare  Ref HV 4708 .E53 1998

  Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life  Ref QL 120 .E53 1985

  Encyclopedia of Endangered Species  Ref QH 75 .E49 1994

  Encyclopedia of Fishes  Ref QL 614.7 .E535 1998

  Encyclopedia of Mammals  Ref QL 701.2 .E53 1998

  Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia  Ref QL 3 .G7813 1974

  Grzimek's Encyclopedia of Mammals  Ref QL 701 .G7913 1990

  Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish  Ref SF 456.5 .S26 1995

  Illustrated Encyclopedia of Birds: the Definitive Reference to Birds of the World  Ref QL 672.2 .I45 1990

  Marshall Cavendish International Wildlife Encyclopedia  Ref QL 3 .M35 1988

  Mythical Zoo: an Encyclopedia of Animals in World Myth, Legend & Literature  Main Stacks GR 705 .S344 2001

  Walker's Mammals of the World  Ref QL 703 .W222 1999

  Walker's Primates of the World  Main Stacks QL 737 .P9 N66 1999

Zoology Dictionaries Available in Chesnutt Library

  Animal Behavior Desk Reference  Ref QL 750.3 .B37 2000

  Collegiate Dictionary of Zoology  Ref QL 9 .P4 1988

  Concise Oxford Dictionary of Zoology  Ref QL 9 .C66 1992

Genetics Encyclopedias Available in Chesnutt Library

  Bioethics: Sex, Genetics & Human Reproduction  Ref HQ 32 .B52 1998

  Concise Encyclopedia of the Ethics of New Technologies  Ref QH 332 .C66 2001

  Encyclopedia of Cell Technology  Ref QH 427 .E53 1999

 Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders and Birth Defects  Ref RB 155.5 .W96 2000

  Encyclopedia of Genetics  Ref QH 427 .E53 1999

  Encyclopedia of Genetics  Ref QH 427 .E54 2001

  Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders  Ref RB 155.5 .G35 2002

  Genetics Manual: Current Theory, Concepts, Terms  Ref QH 427 .R43 1998

  Mendelian Inheritance in Man: a Catalog of Human Genes and Genetic Disorders   Ref QH 442.4 .M35 1998

  World of Genetics  Ref QH 427 .W67 2002

Genetics Dictionaries Available in Chesnutt Library

  Dictionary of Genetics  Ref QH 427 .K55 1990

  Dictionary of Syndromes and Inherited Disorders  Ref RC 69 .G55 2000

  Facts on File Dictionary of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering  Ref TP 248.16 .S84 2001

  Glossary of Genetics: Classical and Molecular  Ref QH 427 .R54 1991

Ecology Encyclopedias Available in Chesnutt Library

  Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology  Ref QH 540.4 .E52 1995

  Grzimek's Encyclopedia of Ecology  Ref QH 541 .G79 1976

  Habitats and Ecosystems: an Encyclopedia of Endangered America  Ref QH 76 .C73 1999

Ecology Dictionaries Available in Chesnutt Library

  Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ecology  Ref QH 540.4 .C66 1994

  Dictionary of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics  Ref QH 540.4 .L56 1990

  Facts on File Dictionary of Environmental Science  Ref TD 9 .W95 2001

  Harper Collins Dictionary of Environmental Science  Ref GF 11 .H37 1992

   Electronic Databases

Life Sciences

Access Science  
Access to 7100+ articles, 115,000 dictionary terms, and hundreds of Research Updates in all areas of science and technology.

(1970-current). Materials relating to all aspects of agriculture.

Anthropological Index Online  
(1970-current). Citations to publications in the field of anthropology with search engine.

Applied Science and Technology Index  
Provides information on management, careers and employment, and financial trends in the scientific and technological fields.

Basic Biosis  
(1994-current). A wide range of bioscience topics.

(1983-current). English-language periodicals in life sciences and agricultural subjects, published in the U.S. and elsewhere. Includes book reviews.

Bio Digest  
(1989-current). Non-technical digests in biology, ecology & health.

Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health. (index 1982+; abstracts 1986-current ).

Scientific Literature Digital Library for accessing scientific literature citations.  Free via the Internet.

Dissertation Abstracts  
(Indexing: 1861+, Abstracting Dissertations: 1980+, Abstracting Theses: 1988+). The complete range of academic subjects appearing in dissertations accepted at accredited institutions.

Encyclopedia of Animals  
Provides in-depth information on a variety of topics relating to animals.

General Science Index  
(Index: 1984+; abstracts: 1993-current). Leading general science periodicals.

(1980-current). Worldwide literature on geography and geology.

Institute of Physics Electronic Journals  
33 online journals. Institute of Physics Publishing, is a leading international publisher of journals, books and magazines in physics and a world leader in electronic publishing.

Journal of Chemical Education  
Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) Index contains citations for all articles published in the Journal. Author names and titles of articles have been indexed from 1924 to the present

MDX Health Digest  
(1988-current). Digest of medical and health information.

(1965-current). Indexes and abstracts biomedical literature.

Includes MEDline and more medical resources.

Science Direct  
ScienceDirect is the unsurpassed single source for scientific, technical and medical information on the Internet. Researchers can access a critical mass of the world's STM journal titles and full-text articles

Scifinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts Online)
SciFinder Scholar is today's leader in providing the most accurate and comprehensive chemical and related scientific information. NOTE! On campus use only

Web of Science  
Covers over 8,000 international journals in the sciences, social sciences, and the arts and humanities.

World Cat  
Union catalog of materials held in libraries world-wide. Coverage: Updated regularly.


Academic Search Elite  
(Indexing: 1984+, full-text: 1990+). Indexing and abstracts of scholarly journals covering the social sciences, humanities, education and more.

Books in Print  
(Current). Contains current, detailed information on more than 1.9 million titles: author, titles, ISBN, price, publisher, binding, language, illustrations, contact information for publishers, wholesalers, distributors, and much more.

Britannica Online  
The complete encyclopedia, with related Internet sites and more. Encyclopedia Britannica.

Ebsco Electronic Journal Service (EJS)  
Provides access to full-text of many of FSU's online journal subscriptions and also EJS Journals via pay per view. Includes searching in article titles, journal titles, abstracts, full-text and title list browsing.


(Electronic Collection Online). An OCLC collection of scholarly journals.

Education Abstracts  
(Indexing: 1983+, Abstracting: 1994+). Leading publications in the field of education.

Infotrac OneFile  
InfoTrac OneFile includes over 6,325 titles indexed from 1980 to present; nearly 3,000 full-text titles, including Expanded Academic ASAP.

Microcomputer Abstracts  
(1989-current). Abstracts popular magazines and professional journals on micro-computing in business, education, industry, and the home.

A core group of reference and research materials online in the form of full-text electronic information and indexes.

Access to the full text of more than 13,000 reference, scholarly, and professional books.

Periodical Abstracts  
(1987-current). Abstracts from general and academic journals, covering business, current affairs, economics, literature, religion, psychology, women's studies, and others.

Reader’s Guide  
(Indexing: 1983+, Abstracting: 1984+). Abstracts of articles from popular magazines.

Wilson Select Plus  
(1994-current). Contains indexed and abstracted articles from periodicals, all with ASCII full text online.


  Selected Journal Titles in Chesnutt Library:
Go To Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Genetics,
Microbiology, Physiology, Zoology, and Anatomy

Library of Congress Subject Heading = Biology Periodicals

American Biology Teacher 
Bio Systems / [Electronic Resource] 
The Biological Bulletin 
Current Biology : CB 
Current Opinion In Chemical Biology / [Electronic Resource] 
Developmental Biology 
Einstein Quarterly Journal Of Biology And Medicine / [Electronic Resource] 
FASEB Journal : Official Publication Of The Federation Of American Societies For Experimental Biology 
Free Radical Biology And Medicine / [Electronic Resource] 
Human Biology 
Journal Of Bioscience And Bioengineering / [Electronic Resource] 
The Journal Of Experimental Biology 
Journal Of Molecular Biology 
Perspectives In Biology And Medicine 
Postharvest Biology And Technology / [Electronic Resource] 
The Quarterly Review Of Biology 
Systematic Biology 
Systematic Zoology 

Library of Congress Subject Heading = Biotechnology Periodicals

Applied Microbiology And Biotechnology 
Biomedical Products / [Electronic Resource] 
Biotechnology Advances / [Electronic Resource] 
Biotechnology And Applied Biochemistry 
Biotechnology And Bioengineering 
Biotechnology, Current Progress 
BT Catalyst / [Microform] / North Carolina Biotechnology Center 
Critical Reviews In Biotechnology 
Current Opinion In Biotechnology / [Electronic Resource] 
Enzyme And Microbial Technology / [Electronic Resource] 
Immunotechnology / [Electronic Resource] 
Journal Of Bioscience And Bioengineering / [Electronic Resource] 
Journal Of Biotechnology / [Electronic Resource] 
Process Biochemistry / [Electronic Resource] 
Reviews In Molecular Biotechnology / [Electronic Resource] 
Trends In Biotechnology 

Library of Congress Subject Heading = Botany Periodicals

American Journal Of Botany 
Australian Journal Of Botany 
Botanical Gazette 
The Botanical Review 
Critical Reviews In Plant Sciences 
Current Opinion In Plant Biology / [Electronic Resource] 
International Journal Of Plant Sciences 
Journal Of Experimental Botany 
Plant Science : An International Journal Of Experimental Plant Biology 
Plant Science Bulletin 
Trends In Plant Science / [Electronic Resource] 

Library of Congress Subject Heading = Developmental Biology Periodicals

Advances In Developmental Biochemistry 
Annual Review Of Cell And Developmental Biology 
Current Opinion In Genetics & Development 
Development / [Electronic Resource] 
Developmental Cell 
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology. / Animal 
Journal Of Experimental Zoology. / Part B. Molecular And Developmental Evolution 
Mechanisms Of Ageing And Development / [Electronic Resource] 
Mechanisms Of Development / [Electronic Resource] 

Library of Congress Subject Heading = Ecology Periodicals

Acta Oecologica / [Electronic Resource] 
Annual Review Of Ecology And Systematics 
Biochemical Systematics And Ecology / [Electronic Resource] 
Bulletin Of The Ecological Society Of America 
Chemosphere / [Electronic Resource] 
Chemosphere. / Global Change Science [Electronic Resource] 
E: The Environmental Magazine 
Earthwatch / [Electronic Resource] 
Ecological Applications : A Publication Of The Ecological Society Of America 
Ecological Monographs 
Ecological Research 
The Ecologist 
Ethics And The Environment / [Electronic Resource] 
Molecular Ecology 
Trends In Ecology & Evolution 
Whole Earth 

Library of Congress Subject Heading = Genetics Periodicals

Advances In Genome Biology 
Annales De Génétique / [Electronic Resource] 
Annual Review Of Genetics 
Applied Genetics News / [Electronic Resource] 
Current Opinion In Genetics & Development 
Developmental Genetics 
Genes & Development 
The Journal Of Heredity 
Mutation Research. / Mutation Research Genomics [Electronic Resource] 
Mutation Research. / Reviews In Mutation Research [Electronic Resource] 
New Genetics And Society / [Electronic Resource] 
Trends In Genetics 

Library of Congress Subject Heading = Microbiology Periodicals

Biotechnology And Bioengineering / [Microform] 
Bulletin De L'Institut Pasteur 
Critical Reviews In Microbiology 
Current Opinion In Microbiology / [Electronic Resource] 
Enzyme And Microbial Technology / [Electronic Resource] 
FEMS Immunology And Medical Microbiology / [Electronic Resource] 
FEMS Microbiology Ecology / [Electronic Resource] 
FEMS Microbiology Letters / [Electronic Resource] 
FEMS Microbiology Reviews / [Electronic Resource] 
Journal Of Bioscience And Bioengineering / [Electronic Resource] 
Journal Of Fermentation And Bioengineering / [Electronic Resource] 
The Journal Of General Microbiology 
Microbiological Reviews 
Microbiology And Molecular Biology Reviews : MMBR 
Molecular And Cellular Biology 
Trends In Microbiology / [Electronic Resource] 
Veterinary Microbiology / [Electronic Resource] 

Library of Congress Subject Heading = Physiology Periodicals

Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 
American Journal Of Physiology 
Annual Review Of Physiology 
Archives Of Physiology And Biochemistry / [Electronic Resource] 
Journal Of Applied Physiology 
Journal Of Cellular Physiology 
The Journal Of General Physiology 
Journal Of Morphology 
Life Sciences / [Electronic Resource] 
Physiological Reviews 
Physiology & Behavior 
Reviews Of Physiology, Biochemistry And Pharmacology 

Library of Congress Subject Heading = Zoology Periodicals

American Zoologist 
Biological Bulletin 
International Wildlife 
Journal Of Experimental Zoology 
Journal Of Experimental Zoology. / Part A, Comparative Experimental Biology 
Journal Of Experimental Zoology. / Part B. Molecular And Developmental Evolution 
Physiological And Biochemical Zoology : PBZ 
Physiological Zoology 
Systematic Zoology 
Türk Zooloji Dergisi = Turkish Journal Of Zoology 

Keyword Search on Anatomy Periodicals

Anatomical record
Arthropod structure & development [electronic resource] 
International journal of insect morphology & embryology [electronic resource] 

   Selected Web Sites on Life Sciences

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