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"The Fayetteville State University MBA program with focus on Healthcare Management is designed to provide cutting edge graduate education for individuals interested in furthering their careers in the management and administration of healthcare delivery organizations, such as, hospitals, integrated health care systems, managed care firms, medical practices, community health organizations as well as healthcare planning and consulting."  Go to the FSU Web Site.


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Subclass RA 1 - RA 1270

Public aspects of medicine

RA 1- RA 418.5

Medicine and the state

     RA 396      Regulation of medical education.  Licensure
     RA 398      Registration of physicians, pharmacists, etc.
     RA 399      Regulation of medical practice.  Evaluation and quality control of medical care.  Medical audit
     RA 405      Death certification
     RA 407-409.5      Health status indicators.  Medical statistics and surveys
     RA 410-410.9      Medical economics.  Economics of medical care.  Employment
     RA 411-415      Provisions for personal medical care.  Medical care plans
     RA 418-418.5      Medicine and society.  Social medicine.  Medical sociology

RA 421- RA 790.95

Public health.  Hygiene.  Preventive medicine

     RA 428-428.5      Public health laboratories, institutes, etc.
     RA 440-440.87      Study and teaching.  Research
     RA 565-600      Environmental health.  Including sewage disposal, air pollution, nuisances, water supply
     RA 601-602      Food and food supply in relation to public health
     RA 604-618      Parks, public baths, public carriers, buildings, etc.
     RA 619-637      Disposal of the dead.  Undertaking.  Burial. Cremation.  Cemeteries
     RA 638      Immunity and immunization in relation to public health
     RA 639-642      Transmission of disease
     RA 643-645      Disease (Communicable and noninfectious) and public health
     RA 645.3-645.37      Home health care services
     RA 645.5-645.9      Emergency medical services
     RA 646-648.3      War and public health
     RA 648.5-767      Epidemics. Epidemiology. Quarantine. Disinfection
     RA 771-771.7      Rural health and hygiene.  Rural health services
     RA 773-788      Personal health and hygiene  Including clothing, bathing, exercise, travel, nutrition, sleep, sex hygiene
     RA 790-790.5      Mental health. Mental illness prevention

RA 791- RA 954

Medical geography.  Climatology.  Meteorology

RA 960- RA 1000.5

Medical centers.  Hospitals.  Dispensaries.  Clinics  Including ambulance service, nursing homes, hospices

RA 1001- RA 1171

Forensic medicine.  Medical jurisprudence.  Legal medicine

RA 1190- RA 1270

Toxicology.  Poisons

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