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This site was researched and designed to assist prospective teachers in preparing for the Praxis.  If you have any questions about this guide, please call the Chesnutt Library Reference Desk at 672-1233.

Test Strategies and Tips--Site was designed to provide the test-taker with an overview of the Praxis.  It provides links to basic test taking strategies as well as a summary of the major philosophers, definitions and concepts in American education.      

The PRAXIS--Sponsored by Educational Testing Service (ETS), this site provides a library of downloadable information dealing with teacher education.

TEACHERTESTS.COM--Site provides free information and other resources to assist teachers in enhancing their test taking skills.  

ETS AND THE NORTH CAROLINA PRAXISS--Organized by ETS, students are provided with a directory as well as testing code information.

NC TEACH--Site contains information concerning state requirements for lateral entry in North Carolina..

NC CATALYST--Site represents a three-year commitment aimed at strengthening North Carolina's administrative, human resources and technical infrastructure for pre-service teacher technology preparation.



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