Selected Reference Books on Sociology

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Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Psychology
(REF HM 251 .B476 1995)

Education and Sociology: an Encyclopedia
(REF LC 189.95 .E38 2002)

Encyclopedia of Aging
(REF HQ 1061 .E534 2002)

Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World
(REF HM 756 .E53 2003)

Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Culture
(REF E 169.12 .E49 2001)

Encyclopedia of Disability
HV 1568 .E528 2006)

Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development
REF LB15 .E473 2005

Encyclopedia of Sociology
(REF HM 17 .E5 1992) 

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
(REF H 40 .A2 15) 

International Encyclopedia of the Sociology of Education
(REF LC 149 .I49 1997)

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
(REF B 61 .R68 1998)

Social Science Encyclopedia
(REF H 41 .S63 1996)

Survey of Social Science. Sociology Series
(REF HM 17 .S86 1994)


Concise Oxford Dictionary of Sociology
(REF HM17.C66 1994)

Dictionary of Race, Ethnicity and Culture
(REF GN 495.6 .D53 2003)

Dictionary of Sociology
(REF HM 425 .D5735 2005)

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Sociology
(REF HM17.E529 1991)

HarperCollins Dictionary of Sociology
(REF HM17.H37 1991)

Max Weber Dictionary: Key Words and Central Concepts
(REF HM 425 .S94 2005) 


Handbook of Clinical Sociology
(REF HM 73 .H315 1991)

Handbook of Disability Studies
(REF HV 1568 .H36 2001)

Handbook of Economic Sociology
(REF HM35.H25 1994)

Handbook of Environmental Sociology
(Main Stacks GE 195 .H35 2002)

Handbook of Social Psychology
(REF HM 251 .H224 1998)

Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research Series

  • Handbook of Drug Abuse Prevention: Theory, Science and Practice (REF HV 5801 .M282 2003)
  • Handbook of Population (Main Stacks HB 871 .H3447 2005)
  • Handbook of Social Psychology (Main Stacks HM 1033 .H36 2003)
  • Handbook of the Sociology of Education (Main Stacks LC 191 .H254 2000)
  • Handbook of the Sociology of Gender (Main Stacks HQ 1075 .C47 1999)
  • Handbook of the Sociology of the Military (Main Stacks U 21.5 .U368 2003)

International Handbook of Contemporary Developments in Sociology
(REF HM 19 .I59 1994


ASA (American Sociological Association) Style Guide, 2nd. edition
(READY REF HM 586 .A54 1997)

Best Test Preparation for the CLEP College Level Examination Program: Introductory Sociology
(REF HM 575 .B47 2002)

Education, Culture and Values
(REF LB 17 .E24 2000)

Guide to Writing Sociology Papers
HM 73 .G78 1994)

Twentieth-Century Teen Culture by the Decades: a Reference Guide
(REF HQ 799 .U65 R65 1999)

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