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  American English, 1781-1921 edited by Daniel R. Davis  Ref  PE 2802 .A44 2003

  Common American Phrases in Everyday Contexts: a Detailed Guide to Real Life Conversation and Small Talk by Richard A. Spears  Ref PE 2839 .S627 2003   

  Descriptionary by Marc McCutcheon  Ref PE 1591 .M415 2000 

  Facts on File Dictionary of American Regionalisms by Robert Hendrickson  Ref PE 2835 .H46 2000 

  Free Expression and Censorship in America: an Encyclopedia by Herbert N. Foerstel  Ref Z 658 .U5 F644 1997

  Language and Communication: a Cross-cultural Encyclopedia by Michael Shaw Findlay  Ref P 29 .F47 1998 

  NTC's American Idioms Dictionary: the Most Practical Reference for the Everyday Expressions of Contemporary American English by Richard A. Spears  Ref PE 2839 .S64 2000 

  Thesaurus of Traditional English Metaphors by P. R. Wilkinson  Ref PE 1689 .W56 1993 

  Twentieth-century Literary Movements Dictionary: a Compendium to More than 500 Literary, Critical, and Theatrical Movements, Schools, and Groups from More than 80 Nations, Covering the Novelists, Poets, Short-Story Writers, Dramatists, Essayists, Theorists, and Works, Genres, Techniques, and Terms Associated with Each Movement edited by Helene Henderson and Jay P. Pederson  Ref PN 597 .T94 2000 

  Voices of Multicultural America: Notable Speeches Delivered by African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native Americans, 1790-1995  Ref PS 663 .M55 V64 1996 


  Cambridge Guide to American Theatre by edited by Don B. Wilmeth and Tice L. Miller  Ref PN 2220 .C35 1993 

  Cambridge Guide to World Theatre edited by Martin Banham  Ref PN 2035 .C27 1988 

  Chronology of American Musical Theater  Ref ML 1711.8.N3 N67 2002, vols. 1-2

  Concise Oxford Companion to the Theatre edited by Phyllis Hartnoll and Peter Found  Ref PN 2035 .C63 1992   

  Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television  Ref PN 2285 .C58 

   Dictionary of the Black Theatre: Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Selected Harlem Theatre by Allen Woll  Ref PN 2270 .A35 W64 1983

  Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre by Kurt Gänzl  Ref ML 102.M88 G3 2001

  Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear Through the Ages  by Sara Pendergast and Tom Pendergast Ref GT 511 .P46 2004 vols. 1-5

 Folklore, Cultural Performances, and Popular Entertainments: A Communications-Centered Handbook  Main Stacks GR 35 .F64 1992

  McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama: an International Reference Work in 5 Volumes edited by Stanley Hochman  Ref  PN 1625 .M3 1984

Oxford Companion to American Theater by Gerald Martin Bordman  Ref PN 2220 .B6 2004

Oxford Dictionary of Plays  Ref PN 1625 .P38 2005

Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance   Ref PN 2035 .O94 2003

 Profiles of African American Stage Performers and Theatre People, 1816-1960 by Bernard L. Peterson, Jr.  Ref PN 2286 .P46 2001 

 World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre by Don Rubin  Ref PN 1861 .W67 1994

    Mass Communication

  Dictionary of Communication and Media Studies by James Watson and Anne Hill  Ref P 87.5 W38 1997

 Encyclopaedia of Educational Media Communications and Technology edited by Derick Unwin and Ray McAleese  Main Stacks LB1 042.5 .E52 1988 

  Encyclopedia of Interest Groups and Lobbyists in the United States by Immanuel Ness  Ref JK 1118 .N47 2000

  Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications edited by Donald H. Johnston  Ref  P 87.5 .E532 2003 

  Encyclopedia of New Media: an Essential Reference to Communication and Technology edited by Steve Jones  Ref  QA 76.575 .E5368 2003 

  Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics, Media, and Communications by Marcel Danesi  Ref P 87.5 D36 2000 

  From Talking Drums to the Internet: an Encyclopedia of Communications Technology by Robert Gardner and Dennis Shortelle  Ref P 96 .T42 G374 1997

  Handbook of Children and the Media edited by Dorothy G. Singer and Jerome L. Singer  Ref HQ 784.T4 S533 2001

  International Encyclopedia Of Communications edited by Eric Barnouw  Ref P 87.5 .I5 1989

  Plunkett's Entertainment and Media Industry Almanac  Ref P 88.8 .P57 1999

  World Press Encyclopedia: a Survey of Press Systems Worldwide by Amanda C. Quick  Ref PN 4728 .Q53 2003 

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