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North Carolina State Documents

NC State Depository Collection

The North Carolina State Documents Depository System was created by General Statutes 125-  11 in  1987. The depository system distributes state agency publications through the North Carolina State Publications Clearinghouse to designated depository libraries. TheLibrary has been a partial depository since 1988. Currently the Library receives approximately 75% of publications published by state agencies. Most are on microfiche and shelved in the State depository microfiche collection. Some are received in paper and are shelved in either NC depository print collection or reference collection.

North Carolina Documents in our library are cataloged immediately and are accessible through Library Online Catalog. More other North Carolina state documents can be identified by accessing WorldCat or the State Library online public access catalog   State publications are available on many topics and from many state agencies. State Library of North Carolina released it first digital collection of current and historical North Carolina state publications in 2008. The types of publications include various types of publications such as reports newsletters, magazines, and handbooks. Most publications are government publications from 2002 to current. Historical North Carolina publications of enduring value that have been scanned from their original print format are accessible digitally.

NC State Government Web Resources

State General Information

Official Website of North Carolina  
The official portal of North Carolina State Government.

State Budget and Management Office
Comprehensive state information divided into sections on budgeting, management, demographics and economics, data services and IT, and HR.

North Carolina Economic Development Information Intelligence System
A portal to analytical, statistical and mapping tools to aid your strategic economic development activities and research.

All State Departments and Agencies by Topics
The list provides official state web site of North Carolina with links to all state Departments and agencies by state official website.

State and Local Government on the Net
A directory of state and local government, city guides, state offices, board and commissions.

Administrative Code (Office of Administrative Hearings):
Keyword search of current Administrative Code.

NC County Financial Information
Each county’s financial profile, general funds, enterprise funds, cash and investment, annual financial report and more.

North Carolina Towns and Cities
List of each North Carolina city, town, and village website with its corresponding county (also links to county-based list).

An interactive data retrieval service containing historical information for over 900 data items and a variety of geographic areas within the state. Most data are available for the state and all 100 counties

NC Census Look Up
NC State Data Center provides access to detailed census data for the state through NC Census Lookup, an interactive Web application. Use Census Lookup to build a custom report or view preformatted information.  

NC Statistics

State Data Center
State Office of Budget and Management provide latest state wide comprehensive statistical data on economy, employment, population, housing, state revenue, financial report, as well as analysis.

State Statistical Website by Topic 
Comprehensive list of the State official website for statistical data on many topics including agriculture, law & regulation, education, employment, health, environment, and more.

Search database that provides NC statistical data compiled by the State Data Center.

Agricultural Statistics

North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics

Mental Health Statistics

Fishery Statistics

Comprehensive Statistics Site

Crime Statistics

Economic Data

Labor Statistics/North Carolina

NC Public School Education Statistics

NC Higher Education Statistics

Vital Statistics
(Population, Births, Deaths, Marriages, Divorces)

Property Tax Rate Survey

State Legislation and Legal Resources

General Assembly of North Carolina
The North Carolina Legislation  official website including House and Senate. Users can track bills, find and communicate with your State House and Senate representatives through this website.

How law are made 
North Carolina General Assembly

State Government of North Carolina
Maintained by the state library, the site provides the brief history and introductory information about the State executive branch, judicial Branch, legislative branch,  Council of State and the Cabinet, and links to each offices.

Bills from the North Carolina General Assembly
Track current legislation.

Session Laws (General Assembly)
Full-text search of session laws from 1963-present.

Bill Lookup (General Assembly)
Number search of bills dating back to the 1985-1986 session.

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Opinions (North Carolina Court Systems):
Keyword search of Supreme Court decisions, 1997-present; and Court of Appeals opinions, 1996-present.

Attorney General Legal Opinions
Keyword search of legal opinions from 1997-present.    

Environment and Nature Resources

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Nature Resources (DENR)   
DENR administers regulatory programs designed to protect air quality, water quality, and the public's health. DENR is the lead stewardship agency for the preservation and protection of North Carolina's outstanding natural resources. 

Environment and Nature Resources Statistical Data 
Provided by DENR, the data covers air, water, fishery, farming, and waste. Maps are also available.

NC Air Quality Monitoring Data
Statistical summaries of the daily Air Quality Index values for the most recent calendar year completed.

Geodetic Survey Station
(Division of Land Resources) Database for finding Geodetic Survey Stations near particular locations.

NC One Map  
Official & accurate NC statewide geospatial data.NC One Map allows users to download its statewide geospatial data from its thirty-seven priority data themes. NC One Map viewer, a interactive map tool, combines local, state, and federal data from their servers, in real time, as you zoom-in to a selected geographic area.

Local Resources - (City and County)

City, County and State Resources
FSU Library Reference Shelf - Web Resource List

State & County Quick Fact

NC County Salaries  
A compilation of information on salaries and benefits in North Carolina counties.

Cumberland County Financial Information 
The county’s financial profile, general fund, cash investments an financing, capital resources for schools, annual report, and more.

North Carolina Counties (School of Government UNC-Chapel Hill)
Links to NC County websites including Cumberland and local counties, information on local and regional governments, civic organizations, education resources and other related information.

County Profiles (U.S. Census Bureau)
Statistical information on population, demographic & housing, economic census, income & poverty, and county business patterns economic profile.

Intercensal NC County Population Estimates (U.S. Census Bureau)

National Association of Counties (NACo)
NACo collects data about the 3066 counties of the United States; its website contains lists of county officials, courthouse addresses, and more.

Helpful Links:

NC Travel Transportations Information
Get real time information on events that cause severe and unusual congestion on NCDOT maintained roadways in North Carolina by clicking a region icon on the map or by choosing a region, route or county from the drop down list below.

State Climate Office of North Carolina
The primary source for NC weather and climate information and is involved in all aspects of climate research, education, and extension services.

North Carolina Vital Records
Birth/Death, Marriage,

NC Driver’s Handbook 
Regulations, road signs and more Drivers’ Licenses related manual.

Cumberland County Planning and Address GIS
Many types of maps include planning, transportation, transit system and other specific projects such as outer loop. Users can find out if the projected outer loop close to their existing or future property by searching the street name or parcel number.

North Carolina's careLINK
This website provides up-to-date information about programs and services across North Carolina for families, seniors, youths and everyone in-between.

Cumberland County Tax Administration  
Tax payment look up, Property tax, vehicle tax, tax rate information, and more.

Cumberland County Department listing
Complete list of Cumberland County’s departments

North Carolina Office of State Personnel Job Vacancies.
List of NC government jobs

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