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Charles W. Chesnutt Library - Media Center

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Media Center Services

The Media Center provides comprehensive Audio-Visual services including Video Productions for the Faculty, Staff and Student Body. The Production Room is well equipped for the creation of Audio and Video programs which may be used to supplement and facilitate education in the classroom. A Mac Pro lab is available for desktop publishing and movie creation. There is also 3-D printing available.

The goal of the Media Center is to provide a one stop facility capable of handling projects as varied as computer graphics design, presentation creation, desktop publishing, full video productions and 3-D printing. The Media Center handles scheduling and arrangements for the use of audiovisual equipment for faculty, staff and students upon request. The Media Center also maintains the reservation schedule including the types of equipment requested, the time needed and the time of the equipment's return. As part of the practice, the Media Center monitors and checks outgoing and incoming equipment for damages or malfunctions. We also provide instructions to faculty, staff and students in regards to the operation of media equipment. The Media Center also sets up Multimedia/Audiovisual equipment according to the needs of the requesting person(s) and determines the needs according to the size of the facility and of the audience.

The Media Center in the Charles Chesnutt Library is the main source and circulation outlet for AV materials. The Media Center staff work to ensure that all efforts are made to maintain equipment and keep items in excellent working condition, thus, making them readily available for patrons use.

Video Production By Appointment

  • Instructional Television. Providing a full range of video production services.
  • Scripting, editing, single camera recording on location. For example, a video program for student education, faculty instruction, staff training or news release.
  • Single event, documentary recording with or without video insertion of slides. For example, a grand rounds presentation or guest lecture can be recorded for later viewing or historical purposes.
  • Teleconferencing services. A variety of services including technical support for distance education and training.
  • Scanning of pictures. Scan pictures into the HP Photo & Imaging Gallery and display image and editable text with ability to import into a selected destination.
  • Transferring of various media depending upon the item's copyright restrictions. VHS, SVHS, SVHSC, and DVD.
  • 3-D printing assistance and training.


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