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Charles W. Chesnutt Library - Reference Department


Behavior Guidelines For Chesnutt Library

"Chesnutt Library: A Designated Quiet Place to Study and Work"


Please Be Aware That Library Staff May Ask for Your Identification at Any Time. Students Should Have Their FSU Bronco ID Card at All Times When on Campus.

The Library Strives to Maintain an Atmosphere that is Conducive to Studying and Academic Pursuits.  Any Behavior or Activity that Might Interrupt the Work of Others is Prohibited. This Includes, But is Not Limited to:

  • Rowdy Behavior, Running, or Playing.
  • Talking in Loud Voices or Yelling.
  • Threatening Behavior Toward Fellow Users of the Library or Library Staff. 
    The Campus Police Will Be Called in Cases of Threatening Behavior.
  • Letting Children Cry, Wander, or Disturb Others.
    (University Policy States That Children 14 and Under Are Not Allowed On the Campus Unescorted By a Parent, Guardian or Responsible Adult. See Visitors in the Workplace Policy)
  • Children Aged 14 and Younger Are Not Allowed on Library Computers Without the Supervision of Their Parent, Guardian or Responsible Adult.  They Must Be Signed In With Identification. (See Use of Computer Resources Policy and Visitors in the Workplace Policy)
  • Bringing Food and/or Drink Into the Library or the Study Rooms Is NOT ALLOWED.
    (Food and Drink Are Allowed in the Student Lounge Area Only)
  • Allowing Cell Phones to Continue Ringing Loudly By Not Setting Them to Non-Audible Ringing or Turning Them Off.
  • Talking on Cell Phones or Responding to Phone Calls in Non-Designated Areas of the Library.
    (Cell Phone Conversations Are Allowed in the Library's Student Lounge or in the Entryway to the Library Between the Outside and Inside Doors)
  • Playing Music, Audio Files, and Video Files That are So Loud That They Can Be Heard Coming Through Headphones or From the Computers, Smartphones or Other Mobile and Electronic Devices. Please Watch the Levels at Which Audio is Played. Please Bring Headphones With You.
  • Cutting Light Switches Off and On.
  • Smoking or Using Any Tobacco Products Within the Library is Prohibited.  It is Only Allowed in Designated Smoking Areas. (Please See the Smoking Policy for University Facilities/Grounds)
  • Possessing, Using and Selling  Illegal Drugs and Alcohol is Prohibited in the Library. (Please See the Drug-Free Workplace Memo and the Illegal Drugs and Alcohol Policy for the University)
  • Carrying a Weapon in the Library and On Campus is Prohibited. (See Violence in the Work Place Policy, Weapons)
  • Stretching Out Completely and Sleeping on the Couches and Chairs.
  • Individuals Using Group Study Rooms Will Be Asked to Relocate if a Group of Two or More Persons Need to Use the Room.
  • Study Rooms are for Groups to Meet for Academic Purposes.
    Study Rooms are NOT SOUNDPROOF. Watch the Level of Talking or Playing Music, Audio or Video When in a Group Study Room. (Carrels Are Available for  Individual Users. For Those Listening to Materials, You Need to Use Headphones.  If You Do Not Have Headphones,You Can Relocate to the Media Center on the Second Floor During Its Hours of Operation).
  • Taking Paper Out of the Copiers or Printers. (There is Plenty of Recyclable Paper Available)

When Students Violate These Guidelines, the Library Staff Will Issue No More Than Two Warnings Before Calling the Campus Police to Enforce Library and University Guidelines and Policies. 


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