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Computer and Internet Use Guidelines

Computer Use Guidelines

Charles W. Chesnutt Library
Fayetteville State University

Currently enrolled Fayetteville State University (FSU) students and currently employed faculty and staff are considered primary users and are given first priority and preference in the use of Charles W. Chesnutt Library's computer workstations.  Library computer workstations are to be used primarily for scholarly research, course related activities and other activities directly related to the educational, research and service mission of the University. This also includes printing. Printing should be limited to items that support scholarly research and course related activities. Library computer workstations and printers should not be used for commercial or personal agendas. Children aged 15 and under are not allowed to use the computers without  the supervision of their parents or legal guardians.  Children must be signed in by the parent or guardian if they are aged 15 and under. Children who are older, aged 16-18, must sign in and show picture identification if they do not attend FSU or its affiliated high schools (Cross Creek Early College High School (CCECHS) and Cumberland International Early College High School (CIECHS).

Priority is given for Fayetteville State University students, faculty and staff who are accessing the online catalog, electronic databases, websites and software programs (word processing, presentation, database, spreadsheet and statistical software) needed for completing Fayetteville State University assignments.

Library staff reserve the right to ask for the identification of persons using the library's facilities.  Fayetteville State University students, faculty and staff should have their FSU Bronco Identication Card with them at all times while on campus.  Children aged 15 and under must have identification and be signed in to use the computers by their parent or legal guardian. Children aged 16-18, must sign in and show a picture identification.

The Library is firmly committed to freedom of expression and the sharing of information. WE SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE ACADEMIC DISCOURSE.  Therefore, ALL library patrons must assume responsibility for using the computer workstations in an ethical and legal manner in accordance with Library and University policies and state and federal laws.

Charles Chesnutt Library is an academic library that supports the right of all users to access information.  Our computers are not filtered, therefore it is the responsibility of parents to monitor children's computer use and not the library staff.  If library staff see that inapropriate material is being viewed or that the child is misusing the equipment, their sessions will be ended and further actions may be taken, such as prohibiting future use.

Basic personal knowledge of computer use, software applications, and some knowledge about how to use the Internet are expected of library users.

Library staff can not provide in-depth training on the Internet and personal computer use.  The library staff provides limited troubleshooting on fixing problems with your Email Account, Blackboard or registering for classes. The appropriate departments should be contacted for more in-depth assistance.

Computer users are encouraged to do three things when encountering problems:
  • Use the help screens within their application
  • Obtain a book on their computer application, many of which can be found in the Main Stacks or in the Reference stacks.
  • Contact the ITTS Help Desk on campus with specific questions related to your Login and  Password information and Blackboard. 
    • Help Desk Phone:  (910) 672 -4357.  
    • Web Page to Request help:  Remedy Web Submit Application
    • You should contact your instructor for assistance with  Blackboard, and you can refer to this Website for Blackboard Help and Support maintained by Bill Gibson.
    • The Registrar's Office should be contacted with problems related to class registration at (910) 672-1185.

The Charles W. Chesnutt Library supports the Information Technology Policy "Use of Computer Resources" of Fayetteville State University, developed by the Information Technology and Telecommunications Services Department. The library also endorses the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read policies of the American Library Association.

The use of computers is a privilege, not a right.

Internet Use Guidelines

Charles W. Chesnutt Library
Fayetteville State University

The Charles W. Chesnutt Library provides Internet access for educational purposes, which includes identifying reference sources, research materials, and completing course assignments consistent with the purpose, goals, and mission of the Charles W. Chesnutt Library and Fayetteville State University. 

Internet access supports the University’s mission to provide an accessible, affordable, and quality education.  Faculty, staff, students and visitors at Fayetteville State University are expected to use its computing and networking resources in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner and to comply with all university policies and procedures and Chesnutt Library's guidelines on computer and Internet use.  See the Information Technology Policy for Fayetteville State University, "Use of Computer Resources".

The Internet provides access to a vast array of information, ideas, and research tools, including materials beyond the scope of resources selected and owned by the Library. 

While the Internet presents material that is personally, culturally and professionally enriching for all ages, it also provides access to some material that may be offensive, disturbing, inaccurate or even illegal under United States or North Carolina law.  Therefore, the Library asks that users refrain from viewing obscene, lewd, or sexual images that may be  viewed or constituted as harassment or sexual harassment by those who see them, and may be illegal under federal and state law. 

Parents, legal guardians, or care providers are responsible for their children’s or their ward's use of the Internet and for monitoring their access to sites intentionally or inadvertently accessed, that are deemed inappropriate websites.  Children 15 and under are not allowed to use the computers unless they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

University Internet services should not be used for commercial or personal financial gain.  University policy prohibits all users from sharing accounts.  Individuals authorized to use the University Internet are responsible for all usage of their account and must keep their passwords confidential to protect University computer resources. 

Violations of these rules may result in the suspension of use privileges or in disciplinary action.

Use of the Internet is a privilege not a right.

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