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Guidelines on Computer Use and Printing for FSU and Non-FSU-Affiliated Persons

Currently enrolled Fayetteville State University (FSU) students and currently employed faculty and staff are considered primary users and are given first priority and preference in the use of Chesnutt Library computer workstations.  Please be aware that a current campus ID must be presented in order to use a computer.

Library workstations are to be used primarily for scholarly research, course related activities and other activities directly related to the educational, research and service mission of the University and the Library.

These guidelines also include printing.  Printing should be limited to items that support scholarly research and course related activities. Library workstations and printers should not be used for commercial or personal agendas.

See Fayetteville State University’s Information Technology Policy for more details on acceptable and non-acceptable use of computers and printers: For example, “the University may authorize confidential passwords or other secure entry identification; however, students have no expectation of privacy in the material sent or received by them over the University computing systems or networks. While general content review will not be undertaken, monitoring of this material may occur for the reasons specified…” in the University’s ITT policy.  “Users should not let another person use their account unless authorized by the system administrator for a specific purpose. Passwords should be changed often to ensure that private and secure files are kept secure.”

Non-FSU-Affiliated Persons, hereafter referred to as Community Users are those persons who are defined as not being affiliated with the University (i.e., children of FSU affiliated persons, visiting students from other schools, members of Fayetteville, Cumberland County and other surrounding counties and communities). 

Community Users must sign in and present an ID card before using Library Computers. Children aged 15 and are not allowed to use the computers without parental or guardian supervision.  Children should not be logged in under a parent’s login.  This is a violation of FSU policy.  The privilege of using Library workstations and printers is extended to Community Users due in part to Chesnutt Library’s “special role as a major cultural resource for the community.”  A Community User’s privilege is limited to using the computers after primary users have been served first.  Due to the financial contributions of currently enrolled students towards the purchasing of paper for the printers, Community Users are restricted from printing.  Community Users should be prepared to save work to a jump drive, CD, or diskette.  Community Users are also limited in the number of computers that are available to them.  Community Users are currently limited to Computers numbered 2-5.  If a Community User is observed breaking the rules, their privileges may be terminated.  Library Lobby computers are open to anyone to use without having to show ID.

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