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Charles W. Chesnutt Library - Reference Department

LibraryReferenceIntro to Library Research

Introduction to Library Research

The Charles W. Chesnutt Introduction to Library Research subject guide consists of a series of instructional web pages designed to guide you in the use of the Chesnutt Library and introduce you to important research concepts.

Library Orientation introduces you to the Chesnutt Library and the services offered.

Resources Supported by FSU describes Banner and Blackboard; services often accessed at the Chesnutt Library or through the Library's web page.  Banner and Blackboard are supported by Fayetteville State University but are not Library services. Librarians at Chesnutt Library can answer a few simple questions about these services but will direct you to the FSU Help Desk at 910-672-4357 for more detailed assistance.

Services Provided by Chesnutt Library describes a few of the services provided and supported by the library.

Library Guide to Starting Research provides helpful pointers for students who are about to start working on a research paper.  It is also a helpful review for experienced researchers.

Searching for Materials at Chesnutt Library provides useful tips for searching the online catalog, using the Database Finder, and the Journal Finder.

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